About Us

Marvel Chemical Co., is an agent, its main products are surfactants including dispersants, wetting agents, fabrics, nano chemicals, inks and paints, super-plasticizer, rheological and viscosity depressants, leveling agents, antifoaming agents, agriculture chemicals, building material chemicals, fire retardants, bactericides.

Marvel Chemical Co., agent applies its products in wild industries, such as colors, nano chemical, PVC artificial leathers and PU synthetic leathers, fabrics colors, pigments, finishing, inks, paints, Agri-chem, building and polymer industries. These applicated industries are attached in following figures…

  • Textile and Fire retardants

  • Inks and paints

  • Agrichem Formulation Additives

  • Plastic, color dyeing wetting agents and dispersants

  • Dyeing and Finishing

  • Nano

  • Concrete

  • Chemical Building Materials

Marvel Chem Co., has excellent leading products, rich products and offered preferential prices. The company has had outstanding reputation and trust, too. In research, develop and selling their products. There are many long-term purchase contracts with famous users. Marvel Chemical Co., will have been growing with mutual grew continuing profit develop.

Marvel Chem Co., has been specializing in research, develop and selling their products, Marvel Chem Co., agents three surfactants manufactures from FRANCE, BELGIUM, ITALY and U.S.A. which have glory over hundred years and has been engaging surfactants chemical business over 30 years, and continue to enlarge the wild business range.

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